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34: Large Multifamily With a Team Mindset with Brent Kawakami

Brent Kawakami - Real Estate Investor

Brent Kawakami joins us this week to share his story of how he grew his investment business exponentially over the last few years. After starting with a couple single family homes, Brent decided that investing in multifamily properties was the best way to scale his business. He has now invested passively in one syndication and has sponsored his own large multifamily syndication (along with another one under contract).

We talk about why the team aspect of investing has allowed him to be so successful. Brent is part of the Think Multifamily group and does a great job of explaining why he decided to partner up with them. We go through the many ways that being part of a team like this can help you, including finding deals, funding deals, double checking due diligence and so much more.


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