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44: Launching A Turnkey and Syndication Company Right Out of College with Antoine Martel

Antoine Martel - Real Estate Investor

Antoine Martel joins us this week to talk about how he was able to start investing straight out of college and help retire his parents within two years by selling turnkey properties (and much more!). Antoine and his family started by experimenting with the BRRRR strategy in Memphis right after he graduated college. He goes through the research that he did and the ways that he built a team of people that he could trust that eventually led to him and his family doing 10 deals their first year. More importantly though, that initial work set the foundation for them to do 60 deals the next year and are on track to do over 100 this year, along with moving into 4 other markets.

Antoine and his family just started with basic steps but kept building and continued to help more people invest with them. After starting with BRRRR properties and gaining the trust of private lenders (aka family and friends), it was only logical to sell some of these to allow other people to invest with them and now the next logical step is to buy apartments and allow those same people to keep investing with them.

Be sure to check out their website and Antoine's podcast below!


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