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23: Creating Financial Freedom through "Subject-to" Purchases with Ryan Nickel

Daniel Eisman - Real Estate Investor

Ryan Nickel joins us this week to dive deep into yet another way to invest in real estate and create financial freedom. Today we're talking all about "Subject-to" purchases. Ryan walks us through the details of how he creates a win-win situation for his sellers when he buys houses subject to the original loan on the property then sells them again using seller financing. This delta creates monthly cash flow and very little risk across his portfolio. If you are looking for a creative way to get into real estate or another avenue to diversify your investments, this is definitely an episode to listen to.

In addition to owning a large portfolio of homes across three states, Ryan has also written a couple books (which we listed below) and runs the Bootstrap REI Facebook group.


Ryan's Books:

Where to Get In Touch

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