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57: Building a Thriving Wholesale Business by 23 with Gonzalo Corzo

Matt Aitchison - Real Estate Investor

Running a thriving wholesale business by age 23 may seem impossible to some, but Gonzalo Corzo joins us this week to prove that it's not if you just follow a plan and put in the work. Gonzalo tells his story about how his brother, Diego, first introduced him to real estate and personal development when he was 19 and then he found a mentor who he interned under for free until he decided to make real estate his full time work.

Gonzalo does an amazing job of describing the details of a successful wholesaling business so that anyone could follow in his footsteps. We break down how to find deals, how to build a team and so much more.

Be sure to share his episode if you find it valuable and check out the event his team is putting on in August here!


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