67: Creating a Winning Mindset to Succeed at Real Estate with Daray Olaleye

One of the truly toughest hurdles when it comes to getting into anything as committed as real estate investing is your mindset. With all of the potential speed bumps and mental blockades there is plenty to keep any investor from succeeding. Keeping a positive and beneficial mindset is one of the best ways to continually move forward towards that goal of using real estate to improve your life. This week we talk with Daray Olaleye about how he changed his mindset to help him start achieving the life he desired. After multiple hiccups and road blocks Daray has progressed to a better life and now helps others improve their mindset to make the most of their life. Mentions Recommended Books: The 4

66: From 0 to Dozens of Deals a Year with Scott Swaggart

Working your way into the world of real estate can be a daunting one if you take some odd steps, but one way to quickly accelerate the process is to find some great partners and push your numbers to the top. Scott Swaggart got started just a few years ago and has managed to work his way up to doing dozens of flips, selling millions worth of residential properties and becoming one of the top brokers in his market. He tells us how to set up efficient systems and teams to be able to scale and dominate whatever market you're working allowing your company to grow and help other investors along the way. Mentions Recommended Books: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Recommended App: RPR Where to G

65: Creative Seller Financing With Zachary Beach

Sometimes there is a box that is meant to be broken. With the world of seller financing in real estate there always seems to be the same answers. Most of the time you hear things like, "give them interest they're happy with" or "You'll likely have to give them a down payment". What if we told you that there are many cases where neither of those is true. In this episode our guest Zachary Beach tells us how he and his family get consistent seller financing deals that have 0% interest and no money out of pocket for a down payment. Yes, these are real deals. Take a listen. Mentions Recommended Books: Great By Choice Recommended App: Slack Where to Get In Touch Twitter Facebook New Rules Book -

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