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The Tools You Need To Start and Grow Your Business

Let's face it, one of the hardest things about starting a business is figuring out which tools to use. That's why we put together a list of companies we use and believe in that will help you take that first step to starting your business or the next step in scaling your business.

Build Your Website

Don't let the daunting challenge of building a website hold you back. Wix makes it incredibly easy to get your business out to the world in a professional way.

Wix Website Builder

One of the best and easiest hosting companies if you want to step up to a Wordpress site. Bluehost also offers website builders and 1-click Wordpress installation.

Bluehost Site Hosting
Shopify eCommerce Engine

If you are starting an eCommerce business, then Shopify should be your first stop for building your online shop. Shopify simplifies all the features you will need like shopping carts, payment methods and inventory trackers.

Sales & Marketing

ClickFunnels provides a simple way to create effective sales funnels so that you can sell more of your product. Don't know what a sales funnel is? That's ok. They also provide great training.


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform for bloggers (and can also be used for similar industries). They offer a great service that allows you to grow and marketing to your email list.

Constant Contact

Constant contact is an email marketing platform for small businesses. It is so important to effectively reach your email list. We have found that Constant Contact can make that a lot easier.

Online Learning

You can learn almost anything you want from a course on Udemy. From web design to marketing to social media strategy, Udemy has it all.


Teachable lets you take the knowledge you have and easiy turn in into an online course. One of the hottest trends in online business today is to generate income by teaching others. Teachable breaks down the boundaries to doing that.


Direct access to world-class University classes on almost any topic you want to learn. Coursera is a fantastic resource for those who want to fill in the gaps to their college education or just continue learning.

Legal Documents

The legal side of your business does not have to be as scary as you think. LegalZoom not only provides very reasonable pricing for services, but also has a wealth of information about how and why to set up certain legal protections.


RocketLawyer makes drafting basic legal documents incredibly easily. Think TurboTax for legal documents. They make drafting legal documents as easy as answering a few basic questions.

Rocket Lawyer


Freelance Services for the Lean Entrepreneur is the way fiverr defines themselves. We completely agree with that. They are perfect for outsourcing work at very reasonable prices so you can focus on areas where you excel.


Upwork is an outsourcing platform that connects you with freelancers all over the world who can help with just about any aspect of running your business.


Social Posting

Hootsuite is probably the best known platform for scheduling and organizing your social media posts. A platform to manage your social media is crucial if you plan on social being part of your marketing plan.


Later is an alternative to Hootsuite but has many of the same great features that allow you to organize, pre-schedule and manage your social media strategy from one central platform.


Audio Production

Adobe Audition is our favorite program on the market for audio editing. If you are making any kind of audio product this is a great investment.

Adobe Audition

For those of you who prefer the open source route Audacity is fantastic. Another great option for editing professional quality audio if you are creating any kind of audio product.

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