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100! A Special Look Back at the Past 2 Years with Guest Hosts Lucas Miller and David Pere

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Matt Aitchison - Real Estate Investor

We welcome back special guests (and part-time hosts) Lucas Miller (episode #15) and David Pere (episode #35) for this 100th episode special!

At the time of this release, we have had the great fortune to produce episodes with Millennial real estate investors week after week for slightly over two years now. A lot has certainly taken place since it all began.

For one thing, we have put out 99 other episodes! Dan has bought two House Hack properties (refer to episodes #1-99 to learn more about House Hacking). Ben has ventured into assisted living facilities and out-of-state investing. Lucas has left his full time job enabling him to focus on investing in multi-family syndications full time. And David has completely replaced his active income with passive income from his investment properties and other businesses.

But to say it came easily and without challenges would do new and aspiring real estate investors a disservice. Each one of the four of us has lost money, made mistakes, and failed over the last two years. We are not perfect and we don’t always know what we are doing.

And that’s the real takeaway from all this: we are regular Millennial human beings just trying to carve out a better life for ourselves and the people we love… and we just so happened to choose real estate as our main vehicle to do just that. That’s our reality.

It isn’t all glitz and glamour, it takes real effort and commitment, and it won’t come as easily for some as it will for others. It’s just the way life works sometimes. Regardless, go out there, make some offers, close some deals, and have some fun!

A huge thank you to the 90+ guests that were kind enough to speak to us over the past two years. We literally couldn’t have made this show what it is without each and every single one of you.

And to you, dear listener, thank you for tuning in every week and letting us become a piece within your real estate journey. We are overjoyed with the amount of people who decided to act and take control of their financial lives. We love to see your progress and your continued growth. Reach out and tag us on Instagram @millennialinvestorpodcast so we can see and share what you are up to!

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