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47: Partnerships, Flipping and BRRRR to Financial Freedom With Ian Reeves

Antoine Martel - Real Estate Investor

Ian Reeves joins us this week to talk about how he quit his 9-5 job as an engineer to become a full time real estate investor. Ian spent several years climbing the ladder at the engineering company he worked for, but didn't feel fulfilled. I know a lot of us can relate. He started searching for something that would be more fulfilling and let him live life on his own terms, which eventually led him to Rich Dad, Poor Dad and real estate.

Over the last 5 years Ian has used the BRRRR strategy, partnerships and house flipping to build a business that gave him that freedom. He now owns over 120 rentals with partners and is flipping 4 houses a month.

We loved his story because it shows what can be accomplished in a short amount of time with focused effort. Enjoy the show!


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