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50: How to Be an Expert at Finding Opportunity in Real Estate with Nick Balzano

Ben Dao - Real Estate Investor

Nick Balzano joins us this week to talk about how he has grown his real estate portfolio through some very challenging (and creative!) projects over the last few years. Nick invests locally in Rhode Island at the same time as he works his day job in construction management. He leverages his construction knowledge as his competitive advantage to find deals that most people would overlook. We talk through his first 4 unit property that required a complete rehab and how he was able to complete the project by putting in his own sweat equity. We also go over Nick's commercial property that houses various light industrial companies in an old bus depot.

If you are wondering how to make real estate work for you or just looking for another perspective to find deals, Nick is an awesome example of how to keep your eyes open for opportunity everywhere. We hope you enjoy the show!


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