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36: House Hacking to Development by 26 with Ciro Affronti

Sam Rust - Real Estate Investor

Ciro Affronti owns 12 units today and has one of the most creative development stories we've ever heard. He started by house hacking and has continued to house hack but is also exceptionally talented at finding creating his own deals by finding ways to add value to unique properties.

We walk through a development project that was recently completed where Ciro and his father purchased a 3 unit property, then developed 3 more apartments on the same peice of land (where the pool was) and added another bedroom by connecting an outdoor shed. He goes through how he found the deal, what they look for, how to analyze a deal like this and how to fund it.

Ciro has also written an e-book called The Millennial's Guide to House Hacking and runs a blog at


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