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42: Creating Multifamily Syndication Deals at 24 with Dylan Marma

Bo Kim - Real Estate Investor

Dylan Marma from Rand Capital joins us this week to tell his story about how he got started in real estate and how he made his way to Rand Capital to do large multifamily investing. If you haven't heard of Rand Capital, it is the investment company behind Jake and Gino and Wheelbarrow Profits.

Dylan's story is a great example of what focus and hard work can achieve in this industry. He started by moving across the country and joining a real estate education company, where he became their youngest director of sales, then began building his portfolio of single family homes. Before too long, he realized that multifamily investing was the direction he wanted to go. Be sure to tune in to the podcast to hear about how he connected with Jake and Gino.

If you haven't listened to the Wheelbarrow Profits podcast or any of Jake and Gino's other education material, definitely go check them out!


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