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69: Learning Landlording By Trial and Error with Brentin Hess

Matt Aitchison - Real Estate Investor

Within real estate investing there is a trend that seems to happen where many of the posts and articles you read make things seem super easy. They put a lot of glam onto the industry to make it sound like anyone can do it. While there is some truth to that statement there also lies the true world of real estate investing. It can be a hard lesson sometimes, but with some perseverance things can go in your favor.

While that does not mean you will not continue to have lessons along the way it can be the determining factor between someone who succeeds in the industry and someone who fails. This week Brentin Hess tells us both sides of his experiences. From failing on his first flip to averaging 35k+ per flip. Also lessons about what running low income rentals are truly like and why systems and processes are a big deal if things need to run smoothly.


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