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68: Investing Out of State While Maintaining a Fulfilling Career with Nick Giulioni

Matt Aitchison - Real Estate Investor

When listening to podcasts about real estate investing there is a common thread that you hear. "I want to retire early with real estate". While that's a sexy story it does not apply to the majority of investors who get started. Real estate investing is a great way for many people to give themselves some financial runway to allow them to take bigger risks with their career and live a happier and easier life. Our guest this week has done just that.

Nick Giulioni works a job that he enjoys in the bay area of California. While the job is fulfilling he realized that there are still great ways to make life less risky. To reduce that risk Nick started to invest in real estate. Due to being in the bay area that wasn't something he could do locally to accomplish his goal of cash flow. So Nick started to research around the country and landed on Indianapolis. In just over 2 years Nick has accrued 45 units through a myriad of methods and he shares with us today how he accomplished that feat and how it has changed his life.


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