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56: The Secrets of Pre Foreclosures with Chantal Duame and Peter Hu

Matt Aitchison - Real Estate Investor

For almost every new investor the idea of purchasing pre foreclosures seems to come up fairly quickly. With technology today they are more easily found by even your regular home buyer on websites like Zillow. While they may be easy to find, working with them is a whole different animal. This is where Chantal and Peter come in. For the past few years they have been building up a specialty of working with pre foreclosure homeowners to help them solve their predicament. They help these homeowners by determining their best path forward whether it be selling outright, bankruptcy, working with the bank or a few other options. While not every homeowner becomes a sale for them, they have built a business with the true intent of helping others in hard situations get themselves back on their feet which in turn has caused their business to thrive. Helping others first can bring so much more to your business than you can imagine.


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