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45: Utilizing BRRRR to Acquire 10 Rentals in 2 Years With Jenny Bayless

Antoine Martel - Real Estate Investor

Jenny Bayless got started in the real estate investing game in 2016 when she decided that her current market (Washington DC) was too expensive to purchase a rental. She initially started by purchasing some turnkey properties in a cheaper market, but things quickly changed. After moving to Denver soon after Jenny and her husband found the market of Colorado Springs. They soon realized that the rental market was strong and still affordable compared to the higher priced Denver market. Utilizing hard money and creative refinancing methods they have been able to amass 10 single family rentals in just 2 years all while having a more limited amount of cash to get started. If you're thinking about utilizing BRRRR or even just single family rentals this is a great show.

Be sure to check out their website and Jenny's podcast below!


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