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33: Inspecting A New Property - What to Look For

Millennial Real Estate Investor

This week we sat down with a couple guys who know a thing or two about what to look for and what can can go wrong with a property. Vadim and Jason from Veteran Property Services and Veteran Roofing joined us to go through some of the most common problems that get missed when an investor buys a new rental property. By far the largest item that they mentioned was the roof. We talked about why it pays to get an actual roofing contractor in to look at the roof and how to go about finding the right company to help with that.

We also go through tips on materials to use in a rental and the best ways to do certain types of renovations. There are so many things to learn in RE so add a few more to your list this week.

Hope you enjoy the show and it saves you some money!

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