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15: Age Restricted Flips, Hacking And Lobbying On the Path To Become A Syndicator With Lucas Miller

Nate Boyer - Real Estate Investor

Lucas Miller started his path in real estate like many of our guests, by house hacking, but has also taken several different routes that have lead to a multifamily focus today. For the last four years, Lucas has been a lobbyist for the Colorado Apartment Owners Association where he was an advocate for landlords in Colorado and learned the details of government regulation around the multifamily space.

We also talk about some horror stories from Lucas' first deal where he had to deal with drug dealers and evictions in the same property he was living in. He shares lessons learned so we can all hopefully avoid the same situation.

Today, Lucas runs Bannock Capital, which focuses on multifamily investing in the Tulsa area.


Recommended Book: Multifamily Millions

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