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We can’t wait to have you on the show! Our goal for every show is to give other millennials great ideas of how to get into or progress in their real estate investing.



Main Topics We Like To Cover:

  • What inspired you to buy your first property/RE investment and how did you purchase it?

  • Lessons from that first deal?

  • How did you settle on your type of RE investing vs. all the other methods available?

  • What were the challenges and benefits you experienced in RE due to your age?

  • (If Applicable) What is the best deal you have done so far?

  • What is your end goal with RE?


We aim for about 45 minutes of conversation where we will have you introduce yourself and what you are doing today then talk about your journey of how you got there. While we walk through your journey, our listeners love to hear lessons you have learned along the way and advice you would give to other aspiring millennial RE investors.


At the end of the interview we will wrap up with four to five standard questions:

  • If you had the opportunity to send a message to your 16 year old self, what would it be?

  • What was a big unexpected benefit of RE investing?

  • If you had a friend approach you to get started in RE investing, what is the first thing you would tell them?

  • What is one app you could not live without in your RE business?

  • What is one book you would recommend to someone just starting down a similar path?

  • Where can our listeners find out more about you and get in touch?



We will be using a Google Hangouts audio call (without video) to get the best possible sound quality. The microphone/headphone recommendations below are listed starting with our ideal recommendation to make

sure your story comes across with great quality. Headphones are most common but we will make any one of the three work.

Option 1: A separate microphone and headphones that plug into your computer

Option 2: A pair of headphones with an inline microphone (like the iPhone headphones)

If you don’t have either of those options we would appreciate you locating one of them before the interview. Audio quality is the most important part.


We will utilize Google Hangouts. A link will be provided in your confirmation email from Calendly.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or want to discuss specific talking points before your show. Most importantly, just remember that our audience is looking for inspiration from stories exactly like yours!

Thanks again for joining us on the Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast!

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